I spend a lot of time reading online and create a lot of bookmarks in the process.  This page will lead you to a collection of my bookmarks on a number of topics (see below).  You will find these links to your right under the heading “list sub pages”, and you can also access them by clicking the topics below.

    1. Caste & Census in India
    2. Children & child development
    3. Corruption and related issues
    4. Right to information
    5. Right to food
    6. National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (all links) (links on so-called  NREGA-2)
    7. Economics
    8. Early institutional theorists & their works
    9. Education policies
    10. Software (mainly for students)
    11. Research in social sciences: Methods, tools & data
    12. Data sources for social science research
    13. Great sources of podcasts and webcasts
    14. Informative podcasts with search engine
    15. News & Views: Links on media and “alternate media” from around the world