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My cousin had left Pepsi – a lab and Spicey – a pup of mix breed with me for a few weeks. I started noticing that the two of them watched every move I made carefully. They were always watching me and monitoring me. I had just read discipline and punish by Foucault and I promptly objected to being monitored. I told Pepsi and Spicey that they surveillance gives them undue power over me and I object to it. But Spicey seems to disagree and I am unable to convince her. She tells me that surveillance does not give her […]

Puppy surveillance

Haircuts are expensive in the US.  The shops near the university charge 16 USD each time – that’s almost half a month’s rent I paid in Delhi!  But I guess with some looking around, there’s always a way out.  I found a way to have a four dollar haircut. A hairstyling school near the university needs volunteers for their students to do some hands on training, and they offer haircuts at one-fourth the normal price.  After the students work on you, the teacher comes to give the finishing touch and I was told that the overall experience is satisfactory.  Last […]

Four Dollar Hair-cut

There are at least two movies made of Charlotte Bronte’s famous novel Jane Eyre. I decided to watch the more modern version first directed by Dilbert Mann. Being based on a powerful story as Jane Eyre, it had to be good. The movie was a constant reminder of what a difficult task it is to convert a rich book or a rich life into a movie for it was in brief episodes that were linked, but not seamlessly. While I enjoyed the movie immensely, I wished that the music were more subtle. A story as beautiful as that could have […]

Two Movies made of Bronte’s Jane Eyre: A Comparision

Pride and Prejudice Writer: Jane Austen Producer: BBC Length: 300 minutes Rating: 5 out of 5 Have been watching BBCs version of pride and prejudice – a stunning drama. The series inherits a good story by Jane Austen, and so is made of very good material. The good news is that the director and the actors have done a very good job of it as well. The main character – Elizabeth is beautiful in a quite way and expresses a large range of emotions without ‘expressing’ them – atleast as it would be socially desired. Little winks and twitches of […]

BBC does a good job of Pride and Prejudice by ...