Do I get to oversee humans if I am right more often?
The Human Mirror Test Designers and Product Managers often come to me with questions about whether we should use AI, given issues like bias, hallucinations, and inaccuracies. These are big concerns that need to be thought through. However, I believe that avoiding AI altogether usually does more harm than good. To help us reflect on this question, I devised a thought experiment called the Human Mirror Test. Identify a specific standard by which AI’s performance or behavior is judged, including the logical consequences of failing to meet this standard. The Human Mirror Test requires replacing ‘AI’ with ‘Humans’ in the […]

Human Mirror Test: Should we use AI?

Introduction Information architecture (IA) is the practice of organizing, structuring, and labeling content within websites, intranets, and other digital platforms to help users find and navigate through information efficiently. It plays a crucial role in creating user-friendly, accessible, and efficient digital spaces that facilitate effective communication and interaction. As technology continues to advance and user expectations evolve, understanding and implementing the principles of IA and employing research methods to evaluate and improve it becomes increasingly important. Some Factors Used in IA Design 1. Gestalt Principles Gestalt principles, derived from the field of psychology, inform the way human brains perceive and […]

P1: Research Methods for Information Architecture

Just learned that one of the first to welcome me to the US is now gone. Pepsi, the adorable lab, with all her energy and love was a constant companion during my first five years in this country. There is so much to remember about Pepsi. Our long walks. Her “let’s play” look, and how she mistook me for my cousin– or should I say, her ‘dad’ – once. I will remember for a long time how I had to open the bedroom door when it was time to sleep and race to bed before Pepsi could occupy the whole […]

To a ‘Pepsi’ I loved

Some people are in a crisis and others are enjoying prosperity...who should the government help? A serious policy debate.

People without a crisis

I am sorry to disappoint you in case you came here for some gossip on our friends, Bill & Melinda.  This article is about two bizarre structures, one in Delhi and one in Los Angeles.  The front gate of the Delhi School of Economics is massive and ornate, and it is supported by pillars that hold the massive gate on either side. It is said that the two pillars are called truth and knowledge.  What is special about these gates is that they have never been opened, and people have been forced to use the rear entrance to access the […]

Two bizarre gates

The Public Distribution System (PDS) in India has come under a vigorous attack in the recent months.  There have been calls to dismantle the system and to replace with alternatives such as providing coupons or cash transfers.  Without any doubt the PDS has serious problems, and performs abysmally in some parts of India.  Unfortunately, these are also among the poorest regions where the need for protection from hunger is the greatest.   Considering that the PDS is supposed to contribute to something as fundamental as food security, such poor functioning must be addressed. In the recent past there have been discussions […]

Shifting from PDS to coupons or cash transfers: FAQs

In a world that is deeply worried about extremism I have learned to love it. In fact, there is nothing as entertaining as it is. Whenever I am bored and need a diversion, I find extremism and its close cousins: insanity and craziness, to be extremely reliable means of getting out of my boredom quickly. That’s insane, you must be thinking. Or perhaps not, if have a YouTube view of the world, as I do. All I need to do is to go to YouTube and start typing “extreme” or “insane” or “crazy” and it will give me an assortment […]

Nothing as entertaining as extremism