Academic Themes

Notes on my research, book reviews and discussions on social sciences
This section contains articles on some of my main areas of academic interest including economics, development studies, collective action, social policy, governance and the right to food. A few articles look software and utilities that would be of interest to researchers. If you are interested in any of these in particular, please click on the subtopic on the menu to your right.

Global Integrity: “Global Integrity champions transparent and accountable government around the world by producing innovative research and technologies that inform, connect, and empower civic, private, and public reformers seeking more open societies”. The website contains a good review of anti-corruption movements and initiatives from around the world.

New Stanford computing lab imagines the mobile-social future: Project on making the mobile phone social at Stanford. Website dedicated to Jamming of radio broadcast by various countries with cool photographs and sound recordings of jammed broadcast.

Budapest Convention on Cybercrime: One of the conventions on governing the internet relating to cybercrime.

Cyberspace Policy Review by The White House: Documents on cyber space policy of the US government.

Global Network Initiative: GNI is a network for protecting and advancing freedom of expression and privacy in information and communications technologies

Information Technologies & International Development: Multi-disciplinary journal focusing on the relationship between ICT and development. Published by USC’s Annenburg school.

Clean Slate Design for the Internet: Our mission is to reinvent Internet infrastructure and services by creating platforms for innovations in networking, computing, and storage and making them available to research and user communities with emphasis on mobile computing.

Anti-Corruption Research Network – ACRN: ACRN is “a podium to present innovative findings and approaches in corruption / anti-corruption research, a sounding board to bounce off ideas and questions, a marketplace to announce jobs, events, courses and funding. The periodic spotlight section also looks at specific corruption issues and highlights key research insights and contributions on the selected topic”.

RTI Rating Methodology: New dataset being created on the right to information laws based on how strong the laws are.