Daily Archives: September 22, 2006

Planning commission forgets children in its approach paper for the eleventh five-year plan   The approach paper for the eleventh plan released by the Planning Commission has forgotten the children under six.  A dream of development that does not include children is a futile dream.  Childhood is the foundation of physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of people.  The first six years of life is a period of dramatic growth and development.  Apart from rapid physical and mental growth, children do the difficult task of learning languages, an assortment of physical skills, values and other things required to lead a full […]

Screaming for attention

After ten months of it being stolen, I got my passport back! I lost it in October 2005 along with my pouch and an assortment of materials in it. There was some cash in it but not much. It’s ten months since I lost it, it has miraculously returned. Minus the pouch, a mobile and the cash all else has been returned – and in good condition. The returned items include a few post-it notes I maintained in the pouch, few scrap papers with notes scribbled in them, a pocketbook, a telephone book, old photos, et al. My packet was […]

A responsible thief