Daily Archives: September 25, 2007

Stark naked, next to a pool of urine, in the background of Chennai’s smelliest river, on the pedestrian walk in a noisy smoke-filled road was this child of three.  He was completely engaged, almost oblivious to the world around.  He held in his hand a slate and was practicing the letter “aa” in Tamil.  Someone, possibly his mother, must have made neat squares in the slate for the child to practice writing.  The family was homeless or were living by the shores of the unbearably smelly covam river.  Amidst this harsh life she was teaching the child to learn. Since […]

The will to learn

Frustration is all about small things Frustration 4444i4s a4l444l44 4a4bou4t 44small thin4gs444 44 444444444444444444 444444444444444444444444444444444444444444. For example your key board going bonkers and typing 4 as and when it pleases. Perhaps from a stress of travel, my 4 wireless keyboard started automatically inserting number 4 now and then driving me absolutely nuts. I got mad in a way that 4i normally do not, even 44444in44 fa4i4rl4y 4adverse4 circumstances such as loosing my passport. 44it’s then I landed on the brilli4a4n4t 44p44lan 444444444o4f 44w4ri4ti4ng 4th44i4s bl44og4 4p44o4st444444444444444444444 just to share with you what it’s like writing with the keyboard going totally […]