Implications of registering, tracking, profiling by Usha Ramanathan: Usha Ramanathan argues that UID should be seen in the context of NATGRID that will enable security agencies to track personal information including travel, finance, immigration, etc. It infringes on privacy and creates scope for misuse. At a time when routine acts of life of the poor are criminalised, such projects can condemn large sections of the population to a life of perpetual illegality.

The Hindu : Opinion / Op-Ed : Unique facility, or recipe for trouble?: Article by Jean Dr

Articles on the UID Project: A collection of articles that are largely critical of the Unique ID Project.

Articles Questioning Aadhaar: A collection of articles that are critical of the Unique ID Project, as the very name of the website suggests.

Not all that unique by Reetika Khera: UID has limited scope for reducing corruption, even if it works as intended; but as things stand. Development and reduction of corruption are used as a smokescreen for what is mainly a project driven by security establishment and corporate interests, argues the author.

A Unique Identity Bill by Usha Ramanathan: Elaborates Human Rights, Civil Liberty and technological criticisms advanced on the UID Project and argues that the bill introduced in the Parliament of India on UID does not address the concerns that have been raised.

Aadhaar software locked in with

UIDAI’s not-so-‘clean’ partners and their tainted executives: Argues that one of the contractors has a long-line of ex-CIA officials, including George Tenet. Questions if surveillance information should be available to private companies, and to foreign ones at that.