Tools & utilities

Sentiment140 – A Twitter Sentiment Analysis Tool: A tool to analyze positive or negative sentiments on tweets based on search terms.

LegisPro Web by Xcential: The tool can be used to crate XML mark ups based on Akoma Ntoso format for legislations. The mark-ups are essential for comparing legislations and analyzing them with the use of technology.

Mamdawrinch: A Moroccan website that crowd sources incidents of corruption.

Transparency tools: Extensive list of ICT tools that could be used by organisations that work towards promoting greater transparency and accountability in governments.

Think You Know What Ushahidi Is? Think Again | iRevolution: Article on the Ushahidi platform, what it is and how it could be used by Patrick Meiyer. Comments to the article are worth reading.

Crisis and Interaction Design: Presentation on the use of Crowd-sourcing information and tips on designing a good system.

Google SMS Channels: An SMS based newsletter service where subscribers can opt in to receive SMS messages and free messages can be sent by the publishers of these lists. This can be a great tool to use for those involved in monitoring of village level expenditure, etc.