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Vivek S.

Vivek Srinivasan, Stanford University

I am a social scientist based at Stanford University where my research explores the use of technology to promote transparency and accountability. This builds on 15 years of academic and activist work on ensuring basic public services to combat hunger, illiteracy and ill-health in India. I use this blog to present my research, review movies, share tips on software tools I use, write stories and provide you with ever useful gossip. Enjoy!

My research

Combating Corruption with Mobile Phones

A project to fight corruption and improve last-mile accountability in the delivery of basic public services.

Mobilizing equity

Creating a knowledge and support base for women Panchayat presidents.

Tech for Accountability Lab

A Massive Open Online Course on the use of technology to promote accountability.  On OpenEdX via Stanford Online.

Delivering public services effectively

Unlike most states in India, Tamil Nadu provides healthcare, schooling, nutrition and other services effectively to most people.  My doctoral research looked at how the state developed the social commitment to do so.  It was published by Oxford University Press in 2004.

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