The INGO Accountability Charter is a commitment of international NGOs to a high standard of transparency, accountability and effectiveness.  The Charter provides the only global, fully comprehensive and cross-sectoral accountability framework for NGOs driven by NGOs. The Charter defines standards on areas of NGOs’ work, such as governance, programme effectiveness and fundraising.  International NGOs that become members of the Charter are required to report annually on fulfilling these commitments using a reporting tool developed for the purpose.  The charter outlines 10 “Accountability commitments” viz: Respect for human rights, independence, transparency, good governance, responsible advocacy, participation, diversity/inclusion, environmental responsibility, ethical fundraising […]

Accountability Lab: “The agency places a particular emphasis on working with creative individuals and organizations to re-imagine accountability and engage citizens in processes of governance”. Check out their interesting new initiatives in South Asia and Africa.

Mamdawrinch: A Moroccan website that crowd sources incidents of corruption.

Articles on fighting corruption: An extensive list of published articles on corruption and on fighting corruption.

Global Integrity: “Global Integrity champions transparent and accountable government around the world by producing innovative research and technologies that inform, connect, and empower civic, private, and public reformers seeking more open societies”. The website contains a good review of anti-corruption movements and initiatives from around the world.

Transparency tools: Extensive list of ICT tools that could be used by organisations that work towards promoting greater transparency and accountability in governments.

The Project On Government Oversight: The Project On Government Oversight is committed to exposing waste, fraud and corruption in the following areas: defense, energy & environment, contract oversight and open government.

The Bulgarian Anticorruption Portal: Media coverage of corruption stories, anti-corruption initiatives in Bulgaria and links to research on corruption from across the world.

Helping Countries Combat Corruption: The Role of the World Bank: A World Bank publication outlining the measures advocated by the bank to combat corruption in bank funded projects, and in countries supported by the Bank overall.

Government Records Branch of North Carolina: Contains detailed formats, guidelines and other information on public records and its management that is useful for RTI activists.