RTI Rating Methodology: New dataset being created on the right to information laws based on how strong the laws are.

RTI laws in 5 countries – comparitive analysis: Examiles RTI laws in United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and

Your Right To Know: A citizen’s guide to freedom of information act: Website of Heather Brooke, a journalist based in London.

Freedom of Information Act Documents: List of documents, cases on RTI in USA

Legislating RTI – A guide by UNDP: A detailed guide on preparation, legislation and implementation of RTI

Anti-Corruption Resources: Transparency International UK’s page with links to articles and websites of other organisations working on corruption. There are detailed case studies from different countries on anti-corruption measures.

Public Database Indexing Guidelines: North Carolina is mandated by law to maintain an index of all electronic public records with description of available data. This is a guideline prepared by the State government to prepare an index of the databases

Government Records Branch of North Carolina: Contains detailed formats, guidelines and other information on public records and its management that is useful for RTI activists.

Open Data Policy Guidelines – Sunlight Foundation: A set of detailed guidelines on values that open data policies should incorporate prepared by the Sunlight Foundation, the leader in the field.

White House Circular No. A-130 Revised: This Circular establishes policy for the management of Federal information resources. It includes a detailed set of procedural and analytic guidelines for implementing open data policies. It provides a useful background reading for those interested in practical aspects of open data policy.

Communications & IT – United States Access Board: US Access Board creates regulations for equal access for people with disabilities. This page provides provisions pertaining to equal access in the domain of ICT.

Project Open Data: Project Open Data is an online collection of code, best practices, and case studies developed to help agencies adopt the framework presented in the White House memorandum on open data policy. The website has a very useful set of tools, policies, challenges and other materials for those working on open data policies

Access Info Europe: Access Info is a leading organization working to promote the right to information. This website provides a good source of information on policy and legal challenges to access to information in Europe.

Open Data & RTI: An international symposium that posed the question of whether Open data is a complementary concept or if it imposes restrictions of Freedom of Information. The page has the podcast of talks by legal scholars discussing new legal developments in Europe on this subject.