Common Core Metadata for Open Data: A technical document on creating a common vocabulary for the datasets released by various agencies to the public, so that the information is easy to compare across datasets.

Project Open Data: Project Open Data is an online collection of code, best practices, and case studies developed to help agencies adopt the framework presented in the White House memorandum on open data policy. The website has a very useful set of tools, policies, challenges and other materials for those working on open data policies

White House Open Data Policy: A short note outlining The White House’ open data policy issued on May 2013.

Access Info Europe: Access Info is a leading organization working to promote the right to information. This website provides a good source of information on policy and legal challenges to access to information in Europe.

Open Data & RTI: An international symposium that posed the question of whether Open data is a complementary concept or if it imposes restrictions of Freedom of Information. The page has the podcast of talks by legal scholars discussing new legal developments in Europe on this subject.

The Popolo Project: A collaborative project for building international open government data specifications relating to the legislative branch of government, so that civil society can spend less time transforming data and more time applying it to the problems they face. A related goal is to make it easier for civic developers to create government transparency, monitoring and engagement websites, by developing reusable open source components that implement the specifications. Although the data specification is designed primarily for open government use cases, many other use cases are supported.

Open511: Open511 proposes specifications for road incidents, construction and etc. that matches open data criteria. With Open511, public bodies and citizens can get the most out of their jurisdiction

New York open data amendment to administrative law: New York’s amendments to it’s administrative law creating the regulatory framework for providing open data. Useful for those who are looking for legal provisions for open data.

Open Data Policy Guidelines – Sunlight Foundation: A set of detailed guidelines on values that open data policies should incorporate prepared by the Sunlight Foundation, the leader in the field.