Transparency tools: Extensive list of ICT tools that could be used by organisations that work towards promoting greater transparency and accountability in governments.

Anti-Corruption Research Network – ACRN: ACRN is “a podium to present innovative findings and approaches in corruption / anti-corruption research, a sounding board to bounce off ideas and questions, a marketplace to announce jobs, events, courses and funding. The periodic spotlight section also looks at specific corruption issues and highlights key research insights and contributions on the selected topic”.

Corporate Watch UK: small independent not-for-profit research and publishing group which undertakes research on the social and environmental impact of large corporations, particularly multinationals

This We Know: Explore U.S. Government Data About Your Community: Collates data from various US Government databases and presents them at the community level that can be searched by zip code.

School Report Cards: NUPA’s school monitoring system that has recent school level data for more than 1.2 million schools in India.

Anti-Corruption Resources: Transparency International UK’s page with links to articles and websites of other organisations working on corruption. There are detailed case studies from different countries on anti-corruption measures.

Public Database Indexing Guidelines: North Carolina is mandated by law to maintain an index of all electronic public records with description of available data. This is a guideline prepared by the State government to prepare an index of the databases

Technology for Transparency Network |: A collection of projects that use technology for promoting transparency. The case studies can be accessed by the country.

Google SMS Channels: An SMS based newsletter service where subscribers can opt in to receive SMS messages and free messages can be sent by the publishers of these lists. This can be a great tool to use for those involved in monitoring of village level expenditure, etc.

Open data catalogue: A spreadsheet containing links to websites around the world providing open government data.

Corruption & Integrity Improvement Initiatives in Developing Countries: A book on corruption and anti-corruption initiatives by UNDP with case studies from different countries, along with a discussion of anti-corruption initiatives.

Government Records Branch of North Carolina: Contains detailed formats, guidelines and other information on public records and its management that is useful for RTI activists.