Notes from the Right to Food Campaign 1


The Right to Food Campaign obviously has many gaps. It has hardly dealt with issues of sanitation, of health, or nutrition content and a host of other issues. It is partly because the campaign is relatively new, and partly because campaigns by their very nature tend to choose some broad issues to push. Over time the scope of the campaign will enlarge to cover more issues and people.

The campaign today is a mine of experiments. Diverse groups are working through the country trying to define issues, develop institutions and promote the right to food. An attempt to document the campaign would convince anyone the importance to work on various levels. Working for a hunger free India means addressing questions of realistic financing, governance, health, sanitation, various food related questions, those of delivery mechanisms etc. Limitations of time and exposure have meant that I have not documented the process thoroughly. I hope that the snapshots provided of the campaign gives pointers to complexity of the issue and some promising ways ahead.

[1] officially called National programme for nutrition support to primary education

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I work with the Program on Liberation Technology at Stanford University. Before this, I worked with the Right to Food Campaign and other rights based campaigns in India. To learn more, click here.

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One thought on “Notes from the Right to Food Campaign

  • Tanuj

    I started reading about right to food after the bill was passed, and got to know about the campaign that ran behind it for more than 10 years. I grew more interested in the campaign and activism that supported it, after I read a few snippets about it in a few articles, specially about the action day for mdm in 2002. I was searching about it, and landed up in this site. These notes give a great structure to the ideas behind the campaign.
    If there are any notes or articles or books that have a memoirs of being part of this campaign, or talk of the different activities that were carried out through out the campaign, then I would be really obliged if you can direct me to such resource.