Yes your honour

Buying time is another tactic. The programme was to commence by Feb 28, 2002 and here is what a State says, “The schools operate in the morning session in the months of march and are closed in the months of April and May… we will start implementing it in June 2002…if the centre provides the money. Otherwise, we would start in June 2002 in tribal schools and we will expand it as our resources permit. This could be October 2002 in rural areas and January 2003 in urban areas”. It is now October and the meals are being provided in just 1321 schools out of 74,000 in the State’s own assessment.
The reports by the governments are a picture of sincerity. Barring a few exceptions, most of the states are content with giving carefully drafted responses while continuing to violate the order of the Supreme Court brazenly.

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