Daily Archives: March 7, 2007

For some odd reason, the Syracuse University mailing lists have a complicated system for unsubscribing.  It took me months to figure it out.  Though the system is simple, the user manual is practically unreadable.  In case you’re looking to unsubscribe yourself from any mailing list of SU, this is how: No matter which mailing list you are in, send a mail to listserv at listserv dt syr dt edu.  In the body of the mail (not subject) write “SIGNOFF LISTNAME” i.e. if you are subscribed to list “x” (the name that appears in the from address before “@”), just type […]

How to unsubscribe from Syracuse University mailing lists

Iran has produced some of the best world movies in the last decade or two. This is a short note on some great movies from Iran. I have listed below some of my favourite Iranian movies.  These movies deserve detailed review that I’ll try in the near future.  I’ll link them to good reviews when possible. For the moment, I’ll leave you with a list of movies, and a few links. List of movies Colour of Paradise:  A bright blind child who enjoys school is forced by his father to quit school and take up carpentry with a blind carpenter.  The story […]

Great movies from Iran – list and brief descriptions

Many talks and interviews with well known people are now available online. I’ve put together a series of them that I have specially enjoyed. To see the rest, click here I bumped into a page called the best of google videos at hub pages dot com. The list of videos is interesting and varied, and it’s growing. You may wish to check it out at hub by clicking here.

Best of Google Videos at Hub Pages