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Political parties do things in style, and the TN Budget of 2007-2008 was no exception.  Among other things, I found the last line of the budget speech interesting.  Along with the date in English (23 March 2007), it had a tamil date as Panguni-9, Thiruvalluvar Aandu 2038.  Till I read this I did not realise that there is something called Thiruvalluvar aandu – a good discovery from this year’s budget!

TN Budget trivia

Tamil Nadu has many significan policy success stories – in part due to getting the budgetary priorities right We are living in a time when positive media coverage of budget is restricted either to tax cuts or for reducing fiscal deficits. Despite the fact that enormous proportion of India’s GDP is spent by the government, media hardly discusses what governments spend on, and how.  State government budgets are crucial to national development given that states are in charge of important areas such as education, health, water, etc.  Given my interests, I have closely followed education, health, child care and a few […]

A chirpy note on TN budget 2007-08

Map wy word creates a graphical output of various meanings of a word and enables us to find related words with a click Note: This feature has been disabled in Google Personalize, and visual thesaurus is not a free product anymore I often struggle for words when I am writing long pieces.  Beyond a point it becomes boring to use the same word again and again across pages and I desperately start looking for new words to express my ideas. I then started using Wordnet of Princeton University.  Wordnet lets me navigate to related words (going beyond synonmys).  Apart from […]

Map my word dictionary in Google Personalize

Cyril invited me to do a small part in the SJC annual play, a valuable source of “free attendance” I was pleasantly surprised when Cyril invited me to play a small part in the Tamil Play for the annual day of St. Joseph’s College, Tiruchy. I was to be a muscle man who beats up Cyril with a few others towards the end of the play. Since I had no dialogues, I started skipping away to the library and other activities after two rounds of practice. I got together next only for the grand rehearsal. These are normally held only […]

Playing the muscleman in the SJC annual play

The Tamil Nadu State budget 2007-2008 was presented on 23 March 2007 by Finance Minister Prof. K. Anbazhagan. This page has automatically generated news and analysis on the budget The budget related documents can be found in the website of Tamil Nadu government here.  The budget papers for this year have not been updated as yet in this site, but the budget speech can be read here. The webcast of the speech is available here.  The speech is conveiniently divided by sections, so incase you are interested in just one section (e.g. Tax, education, social welwafe, etc.), you can easily […]

Tamil Nadu state budget 2007-08: News & Analysis

With some great new improvements Google Personalize is finally something to take seriously The last time I used Google Personalize, it was not a greatly attractive thing.  But in a span of few months some new features have been added that make Google Personalize a great online utility that one could use on a day to day basis.  To start with, instead of going to google for search, I can set it to go to Google personalize.  In that page, I can have snippets of news from selected sources, local weather, my custom search engines, and an assortment of other […]

News, weather, fun with Google Personalize

The finest online task manager can easily be integrated with Google personal home page Google personalize has improved by leaps and bounds in the last year. Apart from a sleek Ajax page where we can drag and drop (and rearrange) various items of our interest, they have now added a “tab system”. Most importantly, it now permits us to “add stuff” that includes an assortment of Google widgets including, remember the milk. To add your tasks from into my Google personalize home page all I have to do is to click on “add stuff” on the top right, and […]

Remember the milk task manager in Google personalize homepage

This is an experimental feature to collect 10 news items on budget in each state I have been trying to various socio-econoimic policy issues across states regularly.  The problem with regular news search is that they often throw up the same states.  To search state by state using the state names is cumbersome.  I am working on a system to automate the process.  For example, I gave the keyword “budget” here.  My Yahoo pipes system automatically generates four queries: “Tamil nadu budget”, “Kerala budget”, “Karnataka Budget” and “Ahdnra budget” (without quotes), gets the top 10 results for each, puts them […]

News on Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra, Tamil Nadu Budgets 2007-08

I was excited at the prospect of adding Google CSE to my website – but it does not fit my 3 column site I have always wanted to customise search engines and was thrilled when Google campe up wtih it’s CSE.  I quickly created a few.  Though they offer the codes to display the search in my site, I was not able to implement it in my wordpress site due to Javascripts.  This problem was solved by the an ingenuine idea at easywordpress.  Using the suggested method, I successfully got the CSE on my site and the results were displaying. […]

Google custom search engine: frame size problem

The finance minister of Karnataka – Yediyurappa just presented the state budget highlighting the ban of arrack and lottery.  For news and analysis on the budget, read on.  Also, see my post on why there is curiously high interest in Karnataka budget. The following are automatically generated from Google News by carefully selected search terms. Most of these should be relevant, but there is a chance that some are not. For 2007-08 Budget click here. Also available is the medium term fiscal plan.  

Karnataka budget 2007-08: News and Analysis

Ganga Jal IMDB Link Year: 2003 Writer: Prakash Jha Director: Prakash Jha Length: 150 Category: Drama Rating: 4 out of 5 Though it is based on an age old plot of a police officer fighting against crime, Gangajal takes it to a new height in how it is executed I wish this move were not as violent as it is – baring that, it is close to a perfect movie. In this movie inspired by the Bhagalpur Blindings, Ajay Devgan plays an IPS officer who takes on the local gangster – Sadhu Baba, and expectedly, wins. In this he is […]

Gangajal Hindi Movie with Ajay Devagan:Old plot, new refinement

Add RSS content from delicious, etc. within your post.  Great possibilities to customise I had been looking for some way to add my links into my posts and this was proving to be impossible.  I finally found the perfect solution using a combination of Adsense Delux plugin and feed2js RSS reader. Using Feed2js to get RSS feeds Feed2js is a simple to use application through which we can publish rss feeds in our webpages.  Doing this is also very simple.  One just has to give feed2js the url of the rss feed.  It allows for many customisation including whether […]

RSS Feeds within post in wordpress – Horray!

Getting and organising good references is the key to creating good bibliographies for academic papers. This is a time consuming and effort-intensive process. This post discusses some tips and tricks to make this process easier and more productive With the dramatic growth of information technology and the internet in particular, information in the hands of researchers has increased dramatically. We now have an opportunity to collect information at rates unthinkable one generation before us. But getting the best out of this information glut requires careful strategies for collecting, organizing and retrieving information. This article reviews a few tools and practices. […]

Tools & Practices for finding, cleaning & organising references

Surprisingly few students use citation managers though it can make life so much easier I am always put off at the thought of creating bibliographies with their innumerable dots and commas and italics, and a grammar complicated more than that of German language. I really have no idea why people came up with such complicated formats such as Chicago, APA or MLA. For my first paper that was headed towards publication I followed the style guide. After one year, I realise that I made many mistakes and the process in any case had taken a long time and was frustrating. […]

Speed up citations with bibliography managers

Search debates, policies, laws, parliamentary questions, and other issues relating to policy, politics law and governance in India. Covers Indian Parliament and State Assemblies For those with an interest in policy issues, following what happens in the parliament and the legislative assemblies can be crucial. All state governments and the Government of India have reasonably information websites these days. But it is a little painful if we have to look for a new education initiative in over 50 websites one by one. On the other hand a generic search in Google or other search engines will give a lot of […]

Indian Parliament & Legislative Assemblies search engine

An article or book typically fits many categories – it is possible to put one record in multiple folders in Refworks I just discovered a facility in Refworks to put a record in multiple folders. Take a book like India: Development and Participation; I will want it in my ‘development’ folder and also ‘India’ folder. I used to think that I had to duplicate it each time I wanted to put a record in multiple folders. While this would have served the purpose, it becomes a problem when I wish to make editions to the record. Suppose I wish to […]

Associating refworks record with multiple folders

This page gives links to websites of State and Union governments in India with detailed information on budgets. Brief descriptions of sites are given. Despite the importance of budgets, very little information is available about them in the Indian context. The Union budget gets a national coverage and information is widely available. Much less is know about state budgets. The good news is that most state governments now have websites, often with extensive information. As a first step, I’ve put together information on all of them in one place.  I updated this page to reflect the websites in February 2011. […]

Union and State budgets, India: Websites, documents, tools