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This is an experimental feature to collect 10 news items on budget in each state I have been trying to various socio-econoimic policy issues across states regularly.  The problem with regular news search is that they often throw up the same states.  To search state by state using the state names is cumbersome.  I am working on a system to automate the process.  For example, I gave the keyword “budget” here.  My Yahoo pipes system automatically generates four queries: “Tamil nadu budget”, “Kerala budget”, “Karnataka Budget” and “Ahdnra budget” (without quotes), gets the top 10 results for each, puts them […]

News on Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra, Tamil Nadu Budgets 2007-08

I was excited at the prospect of adding Google CSE to my website – but it does not fit my 3 column site I have always wanted to customise search engines and was thrilled when Google campe up wtih it’s CSE.  I quickly created a few.  Though they offer the codes to display the search in my site, I was not able to implement it in my wordpress site due to Javascripts.  This problem was solved by the an ingenuine idea at easywordpress.  Using the suggested method, I successfully got the CSE on my site and the results were displaying. […]

Google custom search engine: frame size problem

The finance minister of Karnataka – Yediyurappa just presented the state budget highlighting the ban of arrack and lottery.  For news and analysis on the budget, read on.  Also, see my post on why there is curiously high interest in Karnataka budget. The following are automatically generated from Google News by carefully selected search terms. Most of these should be relevant, but there is a chance that some are not. For 2007-08 Budget click here. Also available is the medium term fiscal plan.  

Karnataka budget 2007-08: News and Analysis

Ganga Jal IMDB Link Year: 2003 Writer: Prakash Jha Director: Prakash Jha Length: 150 Category: Drama Rating: 4 out of 5 Though it is based on an age old plot of a police officer fighting against crime, Gangajal takes it to a new height in how it is executed I wish this move were not as violent as it is – baring that, it is close to a perfect movie. In this movie inspired by the Bhagalpur Blindings, Ajay Devgan plays an IPS officer who takes on the local gangster – Sadhu Baba, and expectedly, wins. In this he is […]

Gangajal Hindi Movie with Ajay Devagan:Old plot, new refinement