Documentary series on Jim Crow America by PBS 2

The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow


Created: Fri, 15 Sep 2006

Category: Documentary

Producer: PBS

One of the best documentaries on the rise and fall of Jim Crow (segregation) laws in USA

I have been hearing of Jim Crow laws ever since I came to the US and I decided to check out a documentary on this issue. This four-part series by PBS turns out to be one of the best documentaries on this issue. I have covered just the first part so far that starts from the emancipation and goes till the (in)famous formation of separate-but-equal doctrine of Booker T Washington.

It is perhaps unfair to compare it with Eyes on the prize, but I am unable to help making the comparison. Dealing with a period when television was not yet around, the first part of the documentary had to rely on retelling the story and on narratives. Needless to say, there are no survivors of the immediate post-emancipation generation – and this we have no live hearty account of what it was to live in that era. Within these constraints, PBS has managed to make a fine and information documentary on the evolution of Jim Crow laws.

I have seen just the first part as yet. I hope to add to this post after I watch other parts. Do revisit me.

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