Google Seithigal: Google news in Tamil

Horray, Google News is now available in Tamil

I have been a great fan of Google News for a few years now. So much so that I read most news starting here rather than through news papers or their websites. . A big lacuna with it was that Tamil news was not covered in this channel. With Google Seithigal, Tamil newspapers will be indexed and covered. Basic details about this service are available in its help section.  Here are a few additional tips.

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Searching Google Seithigal

I do not understand why Google Seithigal does not have a facility to type your query in Tamil.  I hope this will be added soon.  In the meanwhile, you can go to any online Tamil converter (click here for one), type your query there, copy it and paste it in the search box.

Hindi, English, Tamil all in a page

Google news

The most exciting feature that Google News has added is the ability to add news from various languages in one customized page (see image above for example).  To customize your page, just go to the top right corner and click on the section (see image below)

Custom news

Then choose your language, what kind of news you want, etc.  You can even specify your keywords and choose exactly what you are looking for.  This represents a giant leap in what we can get to read in one place.  Hurray Google Seithigal.

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