Grandma diary

Grandma reminds me of the “grandma proof” Lenovo ad these days. She uses my laptop screen as a prop when she wants to lean, and sprinkled water all over my screen earlier today. I am not sure if this laptop is going to survive my summer…

It’s summer and my cousins have been playing Thayam a lot (a dice based game) with grandma. I am surprised at how smart her moves are at 83. She would be a force to contend with if she remembers which coins are hers.

Grandmother believes that attack is the best form of defence. We had a family reunion today. With her memory failing she tends to forget people now and then, and today she decided to attack. “Do you remember me” she went and asked people who she had not met in a long time. Unfortunately, with her eyesight failing, she stunned a few that she meets all the time.

Cousin got a tooth paste and grandma took it to be a mosquito repellent.

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