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The 24th or 25th of every month is fixed for Health visits. On these days the ANM would come and go house-to-house administering injections. Sometimes it is held at the school. Polio and tetanus toxoid were mentioned (we couldn’t quite catch the others). The medicine kit was well equipped with paracetemol, tincture, eye drops etc. But if the medicines got over she said she typically stopped distributing them. When there was a case that AWH would have to refer, she usually took them to the PHC at Sarmathura. Iron tablets were there but the AWH said nobody cared to eat them. She was familiar with Mothers Cards but had no idea if they had them at all.

Mothers meetings for NHE activities did not seem to take place but Kailashi told us that the schoolmaster often took the initiative to get the mothers together and emphasize the importance of educating their girl children etc.

No toys and pre-school education materials were used. The clay toys that were there broke a while ago. In effect, it this was an AWC where children did not gather everyday; it was a storehouse outside of which murmure was distributed.

The AWH felt that it was a major problem procuring supplies. Villagers had to go and bring murmura from Sarmathura every month spending anywhere between Rs.500 and 600 each time depending on the diesel prices, payment demanded etc. The supervisor rarely came. The CDPO came 3 years ago, the supervisor 2 years back. No caste issues at all.

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One thought on “ICDS In Dhaulpur

  • Dr. Talat Fatima

    This is a highly informative article. i am glad that u people chose dholpur district for ur visit becoz such places are usually neglected while they also house the Sincere Indians and contribute towards national life. It will keep people well informed.
    Yours truly
    Dr. Talat Fatima
    Lecturer in Law
    Government Law College,
    Dholpur. 328 001( Rajasthan)