Legacy of Robert Moses: Webcast of Discussion

Robert Moses was the most prolific builder of public projects in New York City leaving behind a contested legacy

I chanced across a debate on the legacy of Robert Moses that was held at Museum of the City of New York. The webcast of the discussion includes a 20 minute presentation by the Dy. Mayor of New York, Daniel Dotoroff and it is followed by a powerful presentation by Majora Carter of Sustainable South Bronx. Daniel gives a brief overview of Robert Moses’ life and work and draws an analogy to the work he is involved with currently.

Robert Moses was known for a penchant to get things done. The presentation by Daniel Dotoroff gives some insights into how he went about it. I found some of these arguments in a NY Times obituary of Robert Moses, but it was interesting to hear it from a current Deputy Mayor. Majora Carter’s presentation was a sharp critique of the current administration, but most importantly of Robert Moses.

The webcast is brief, informative and fun.

Ps. The viedo has been removed by the user after the post was created.

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