The peace movement in historical perspective with Linus Pauling – Webcast

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This is an interview by Harry Kreisler taken in 1983 with Linus Pauling who got two Nobel Prizes, once for chemistry and the second time for peace. The interview is a reflection of the context in which Linus Pauling got into peace activism in the United States. The opinions of Pauling were slightly uncommon to me, atleast from a peace activist. He for example would talk of the importance of deterrent and how it has functioned well – but on the need to contain nuclear weapons. There were also interesting personal reflections of a highly placed academic and his minor ordeals with the administration. This is an hour long talk and is good to listen on a light day. Please note that the talk is not so much about the history of peace movement, but does throw interesting historical/biographical light Linus Pauling’s involvement in a troubled era.

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