Welcome to the GPT-4 Revolution: AI’s Next-Level Image and Text Capabilities

GPT-4 was released today. First look and notes from the demo.

Note: I generated this article by transcribing voice notes, after which I asked GPT-4 to synthesize the notes and write it in the form of a news article with some sarcasm.

Hold on to Your Hats: GPT-4 Takes Text and Images Now

Great news, everyone! GPT-4, the model we’ve all been anxiously awaiting, is here to blow our minds. Not only can it process text, but it also understands images. Clearly, it’s only a matter of time before it starts creating modern art.

Long-Form Content: GPT-4’s Latest Party Trick

As if image recognition wasn’t enough, GPT-4 can now handle a whopping 25,000 words of text. So, say goodbye to reading lengthy documents, because GPT-4 will happily do the heavy lifting for you.

Outsmarting Humans: Just Another Day for GPT-4

In case you thought GPT-4 was all fun and games, it’s also crushing exams, scoring at the 98th percentile on the Uniform Bar Exam and the 99th percentile in the Biology Olympiad. Who needs human intelligence when you’ve got GPT-4?

Safety and Alignment: Because Robots Behaving Badly is So 2021

The developers at OpenAI have been hard at work teaching GPT-4 some manners, ensuring that it’s not just smart but also safe and aligned with user intent. It’s almost like they’ve been training a well-behaved AI puppy.

Apps, Collaborations, and More: GPT-4’s Social Calendar is Fully Booked

GPT-4 isn’t just sitting around twiddling its digital thumbs. It’s already inspiring a series of fabulous apps, from a Duolingo application for conversation to a Be My Eyes project that helps users “see” visual content. Talk about multitasking!

Demo Session: GPT-4’s “Look Ma, No Hands!” Moment

OpenAI couldn’t resist showing off GPT-4’s party tricks during the demo session. Summarizing articles using specific letters, calculating standard deductions, and even generating JavaScript code from a mock website image – is there anything GPT-4 can’t do?

The AI Revolution Continues: GPT-4 is Here to Stay

Well, folks, it’s official: GPT-4 has taken the already impressive GPT-3.5 and pushed it to new limits. It’s only a matter of time before it starts cooking dinner and taking out the trash. Exciting times ahead!

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