What Indians search for

I was looking for some of the most common terms that people search for online.  Not surprisingly cinema and glamour made it right to the top followed closely by sports (see lists below).  What did surprise me was “NDTV” was one of the ten most searched words by Indians.  There were also a couple of entries for airline websites including Air Deccan and Go Air.  Since this is a monthly list, I’d have expected some non-entertainment issues such as Jessica Lal’s murder trial or Noida serial killings to make it to the top – but that’s not the case.  It’s entertainment all the way for Indians, and I guess much of the rest of the world.

Top searches in Google from India

Dhoom 2
Air deccan
Sania Mirza
Aishwarya Rai
Salman khan
Katrina Kaif
Angelina jolie
Jet airways
Go air

Google News – Top Searches in 2005 (World)
Janet Jackson
Hurricane Katrina
xbox 360
Brad Pitt
Michael Jackson
American Idol
Britney Spears
Angelina Jolie
Harry Potter

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