Woody Allan’s Manhattan disappoints me



Year: 1979

Writer: Woody Allen

Director: Woody Allen

Rating: 2 out of 5

The movie starts with a forty something Woody Allan and his seventeen year old date at a dinner with his friend Yale (played by Michael Davis) and his wife. Yale confides to Woody that he is having an extra marrital affaire with a bright Journalist played by Diane Keaton. The movie then takes us through a tangled web of relationships, betrayals, insecurities and a dash of humour now and then.

I decided to watch Manhattan after seeing the fantastic rating it had in Rotten Tomatoes. The movie had its distinctly bright moments, but on the whole I found it boring and soporific. Woody Allan who also acts in this movie rants on and on and starts becoming quite a pain in the ear. I must acknowledge though that his character was well crafted – and perhaps getting on my nervs was intended. I should also acknowledge that I saw this movie immediately after watching Children of Heaven and so my expectations were rather high of Manhattan.

On the brighter side, the movie has a distinct comedy line and enables quite a few guffaws – that is if one is not fast asleep by then. If you have my taste, this movie is worth watching on a day when one has nothing else to do and when one is in a calm mood that could take a mediocre movie. But then, my taste may be peculiar atleast going by the high rating that the movie got in Rotten Tomatoes. You are the best judge for yourself.

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