You’ve got my nod

As an active listener, I often nod my head as I listen to people.  Turns out that I do it a little more vigorously than most other people – and this has become a trademark.  During a visit to a very remote village in Rajasthan, all the children of the village followed me for a whole day.  They would ask me questions and when I nodded in agreement every one of them nodded with squeals of laughter.

My nodding also has its South Indian touch to it, and so I nod slightly differently when I answer in the affirmative or negative.  My advisor at Syracuse once had a long discussion with me and as an afterthought he asked, “Do you agree”.  When I said a straightforward NO, he was shocked and he asked, “But you were nodding all the time that I was talking”!  Active listening can get taken to be a sign of agreement at times!

My friends at Syracuse made a video mocking my nodding in a video that you can see here.

AFTER that, you SHOULD try this video with my 5 month old


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