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Constituent assembly had many interesting discussions that throw interesting light on India’s Constitution

India’s Constitution is far-sighted and among the most interesting Constitutions of the world. It was framed after extensive discussions at the Constituent assembly. These debates throw an interesting light on issues that led to the Constitution, the way it is. I have often wondered why certain provisions exist in a certain way and have turned to the debates in this assembly. To make it easy for me to search these debates, I have created a search engine using Google custom search engine and the transcripts of the debates provided by the Parliament of India.

Since these are transcripts, it takes a longer time and some refined effort to find what we are looking for. I hope having a customised search engine will make this process easier.

New: Since a lot of people search the debates each month, I have created a discussion group to share our questions, comments and tips for searching the debates.  It’s also a way to connect to like minded people, and share your research on the debates.   There are many options to limit the number of e-mails, if you are concerned about it.  Click here to view the page.


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