Associating refworks record with multiple folders

An article or book typically fits many categories – it is possible to put one record in multiple folders in Refworks

I just discovered a facility in Refworks to put a record in multiple folders. Take a book like India: Development and Participation; I will want it in my ‘development’ folder and also ‘India’ folder. I used to think that I had to duplicate it each time I wanted to put a record in multiple folders. While this would have served the purpose, it becomes a problem when I wish to make editions to the record. Suppose I wish to add an abstract, or correct the author name – I will have to find and edit it in each folder.

Luckily, this problem can be overcome in refworks. To do it, choose a record (an article or a book) in a folder and say put record in another [chosen] folder. What this does is to associate the same record in another folder. As a result, I can edit it from any folder and it gets updated in all folders. This is a very useful function for managing citations.

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