Using Refworks with Google Scholar 2

It’s easy to import citations from Google Scholar into Refworks. In order to do this go to “scholar preferences”, a link you will find next to the search box and at the bottom of that page you will find an entry called “Bibliography Manager”. In this, select Refworks (I often end-up choosing a similar sounding thing called “Refman”, take care). Once you save the perferences, you will find a link called “import to refworks” below each search result. The rest is one click away.

This though is not entirely trouble free since logging into Refworks should be done only through a proxy server (that’s for those who have accounts provided by institutions). It may be a good idea to log in to Refworks first so that the rest works well.

You can find a review of Refworks here. For more articles on relevant posts see tags below.

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