Babasaheb Ambedkar’s works online: Books, articles, talks

A growing collection of Ambedkar’s works are available online at

Ambedkar is easily one of the finest Indian thinkers ever. Academically, he has a degree in law, a Masters in economics (from London School of Economics), and a doctorate in social sciences (from Columbia University). At Columbia he majored in sociology and economics for his M.A. with a smattering of anthropology, politics and philosophy as other subjects. He also had a stint at University of Bonn. His experience ranges from being a untouchable boy to the principal architect of India’s Constitution. He started and ran a political party and is arguably the most influential person ever in politicizing Dalits towards demanding a better lives for themselves.

This breadth of thinking and experience makes Ambedkar a fascinating and a purposeful writer. Many of his works are now available online at, and the collection is growing. This is a fantastic resource for anyone thinking of social issues in India today.

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