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A growing collection of Ambedkar’s works are available online at

Ambedkar is easily one of the finest Indian thinkers ever. Academically, he has a degree in law, a Masters in economics (from London School of Economics), and a doctorate in social sciences (from Columbia University). At Columbia he majored in sociology and economics for his M.A. with a smattering of anthropology, politics and philosophy as other subjects. He also had a stint at University of Bonn. His experience ranges from being a untouchable boy to the principal architect of India’s Constitution. He started and ran a political party and is arguably the most influential person ever in politicizing Dalits towards demanding a better lives for themselves.

This breadth of thinking and experience makes Ambedkar a fascinating and a purposeful writer. Many of his works are now available online at, and the collection is growing. This is a fantastic resource for anyone thinking of social issues in India today.  Being a Dalit, a politician, lawyer and a framer of the most fascinating constitutiosn in the world, Ambedkar is specially interesting for those interested in the role of instituitons in development.

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4 thoughts on “Babasaheb Ambedkar’s works online: Books, articles, talks


    Babasaheb Ambedkar was the great person in world.He was great thinker,writer,painter etc.In 1956 he had accepted Buddha Dhamma & eccept Hindu Dhamma.He was the father of indian constitution.He was fight appose manusmruties rule.

  • LC Verma

    Dr.Ambedkar was a scholar par excellence.He was a legal luminary,prolific writer,social thinker,social activist,economist,visionary,jurist and an erudite personality who worked tirelessly throughout his life to evolve a new social order based on equality,liberty and fraternity.In a way he was an institution himself.He attacked the caste system in Hinduism vociferously.

  • vinay nagarkar

    Ambedkar’s statement in 1935 at Yeola Conference is quite instructive in this regard. Ambedkar believed that the untouchables occupied a “weak and lowly status” only because they were a part of the Hindu society. When attempts to gain equal status and “ordinary rights as human beings” within the Hindu society started failing, Ambedkar thought it was essential to embrace a religion which will give “equal status, equal rights and fair treatment” to untouchables. He clearly said to his supporters “select only that religion in which you will get equal status, equal opportunity and equal treatment…”

  • Dr. Satish R. Gaikwad

    Dr. B. R. Ambedkar changed the way of life in India. He is the only person who may be considered as a real social reformer of India as he fought for equality and non descrimination on gender basis.He educated Indians against ill practices prevalent in caste system of Indian. He is responsible for shaping the new India with better advancements.