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Brief reviews of useful software (mostly free), tools and online utilities for students
I have a fetish for checking out new technologies. While most things I check out turn out to be useless for my purposes, a few are life-changing. The following articles are about some such technologies, websites, plugins, gadgets or utilities that caught my attention over the years. These will be of particular interest to students and are relevant to others as well.

A rather surprising feature about Google calendar is that it does not have a task manager. I recently changed my time management technique from being ‘calendar based’ to ‘list based’ management. In my search for a task management system, I discovered – an incredibly well designed utility. It’s online, capable of creating multiple lists, one can specify due dates, estimated time, associate with multiple tags (that are across lists), specify location, and do an assortment of other things. It’s highly keyboard friendly and has a terrific search facility. Oh, I forgot to mention that one can specify status of […]

Google Calendar integrates with Remember the Milk

It’s easy to import citations from Google Scholar into Refworks. In order to do this go to “scholar preferences”, a link you will find next to the search box and at the bottom of that page you will find an entry called “Bibliography Manager”. In this, select Refworks (I often end-up choosing a similar sounding thing called “Refman”, take care). Once you save the perferences, you will find a link called “import to refworks” below each search result. The rest is one click away. This though is not entirely trouble free since logging into Refworks should be done only through […]

Using Refworks with Google Scholar

Refworks Rating: 4 out of 5 Manage citations, create bibliographies quick & easy in any format you want (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.) and keep references organised Note: There is an easier way to cite and it’s free.  Check out my note on Zotero citation tool. I have been using Refworks since six months with great satisfaction. It is perhaps one of the most useful and time saving utilities for graduate students working on research papers. The software has two broad components: (1) Database of our references to organise and manage references (2) Utility for easily adding citations to papers that […]

Manage citations and bibliography with Refworks