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A rather surprising feature about Google calendar is that it does not have a task manager. I recently changed my time management technique from being ‘calendar based’ to ‘list based’ management. In my search for a task management system, I discovered – an incredibly well designed utility. It’s online, capable of creating multiple lists, one can specify due dates, estimated time, associate with multiple tags (that are across lists), specify location, and do an assortment of other things. It’s highly keyboard friendly and has a terrific search facility. Oh, I forgot to mention that one can specify status of work and give detailed notes. It is also linked to a map to visualise the location of our tasks.

But here’s the great new feature. Remember the milk is now integrated with Google Calendar! Google Calendar is a great web 2 application that allows us to synchronise it with information outside. I have been using it off-late to sync my private calendars (yes, one can have many) with the university calendar. Next they added a facility to get weather information in the form of a little click able icon. Using Google’s great web 2 features, remember the milk now allows us to integrate our tasks with the calendar. Here’s how.

By clicking a link in remember the milk (check it will automatically take us to Google Calendar where we just have to log in and accept to “add this calendar”. That’s it. We will then find icons on the top of each day in the calendar where we can review, add and manage most tasks. It’s totally swanky.

Google is fast making desktops obsolete and has developed a great ability to integrate with service providers – small or large. Viva Google

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