RSS Feeds within post in wordpress – Horray!

Add RSS content from delicious, etc. within your post.  Great possibilities to customise

I had been looking for some way to add my links into my posts and this was proving to be impossible.  I finally found the perfect solution using a combination of Adsense Delux plugin and feed2js RSS reader.

Using Feed2js to get RSS feeds

Feed2js is a simple to use application through which we can publish rss feeds in our webpages.  Doing this is also very simple.  One just has to give feed2js the url of the rss feed.  It allows for many customisation including whether we wish to add title, date, blurb, etc. and gives total freedom to format the links. Once we customise the output the way we want it (just clicks away), we can generate a javascript that could be pasted in webpages to get a neat output. Check this for example.

The problem with wordpress is that it does not allow us to add javascript in posts.  The way out is the unlikely adsense deluxe plugin.

Using Adsense Deluxe for javascript based content

I got this idea from easywordpress on using the plugin innovatively.  Do read the post to understand the process better.  Adsense deluxe was created to give flexibility to publishing adsense advertisements in posts. 

  1. After uploading and activating the plugin, go to options and add a new adsense block, but with feed2js javascript. 
  2. Make sure that you remove the last tag called noscript from the code – for some reason, it creates problems in the page. 
  3. Give it a name (e.g. delicious_rss)
  4. Now go to any page or post and insert the code “<--adsense#delicious_rss-->” within the post, where you want it.  Bingo, the work is done.

One great advantage in this method is that we can add the same content in many posts, if we think it is of relevance in many pages.


If you find new ways of using the adsense delux plugin, do leave a comment below

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