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With some great new improvements Google Personalize is finally something to take seriously

The last time I used Google Personalize, it was not a greatly attractive thing.  But in a span of few months some new features have been added that make Google Personalize a great online utility that one could use on a day to day basis.  To start with, instead of going to google for search, I can set it to go to Google personalize.  In that page, I can have snippets of news from selected sources, local weather, my custom search engines, and an assortment of other Google widgets (for example a task manager).  A great new tab system makes it easy for me to assemble utilities that I need in one or few pages.  I can just drag and drop the different “stuff” in the page as I desire to create a layout that suits my taste and convenience.

Today I tried adding a new tab in Google Personalize with the title “search engine”.  To my surprise, it automatically assembled an assortment of search engines from lyrics search to directions, weather, etc. automatically.  It was absolutely swanky.  As soon as you give a name to the tab, Google Personalize searches for different widgets and utilities that are related and assembles them in the tab.
If you have not given it a try, it’s time to do it now.  Log into a Google account  and go to  A link will appear on the top saying Personalize.  Go to the page and give it a try.

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