Touching talk by Desmond Tutu: Nobel Laureate from South Africa

Many talks and interviews with well known people are now available online. I’ve put together a series of them that I have specially enjoyed. To see the rest, click here

Desmond Tutu, the Archbishop from South Africa is one of the towering figures of the world today. His role in removing Apartheid from South Africa is well acknowledged. He also received a Nobel peace prize for his role in 1984.  Bishop Tutu is a very powerful speaker, story teller, and a jovial person. But between his stories and jokes he gets serious and makes touching appeals. His sense of hope and sincerity are amazing, and I believe that this is what gives his speeches the power they have.

This talk was delivered at University of California on “Reconciling Love”, about the process of Truth and Reconciliation that happened in South Africa.  This is a wonderful talk, and Tutu never fails to inspire.

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