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The Tamil Nadu State budget 2007-2008 was presented on 23 March 2007 by Finance Minister Prof. K. Anbazhagan. This page has automatically generated news and analysis on the budget The budget related documents can be found in the website of Tamil Nadu government here.  The budget papers for this year have not been updated as yet in this site, but the budget speech can be read here. The webcast of the speech is available here.  The speech is conveiniently divided by sections, so incase you are interested in just one section (e.g. Tax, education, social welwafe, etc.), you can easily […]

Tamil Nadu state budget 2007-08: News & Analysis

With some great new improvements Google Personalize is finally something to take seriously The last time I used Google Personalize, it was not a greatly attractive thing.  But in a span of few months some new features have been added that make Google Personalize a great online utility that one could use on a day to day basis.  To start with, instead of going to google for search, I can set it to go to Google personalize.  In that page, I can have snippets of news from selected sources, local weather, my custom search engines, and an assortment of other […]

News, weather, fun with Google Personalize

The finest online task manager can easily be integrated with Google personal home page Google personalize has improved by leaps and bounds in the last year. Apart from a sleek Ajax page where we can drag and drop (and rearrange) various items of our interest, they have now added a “tab system”. Most importantly, it now permits us to “add stuff” that includes an assortment of Google widgets including, remember the milk. To add your tasks from rememberthemilk.com into my Google personalize home page all I have to do is to click on “add stuff” on the top right, and […]

Remember the milk task manager in Google personalize homepage