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The finest online task manager can easily be integrated with Google personal home page

Google personalize has improved by leaps and bounds in the last year. Apart from a sleek Ajax page where we can drag and drop (and rearrange) various items of our interest, they have now added a “tab system”. Most importantly, it now permits us to “add stuff” that includes an assortment of Google widgets including, remember the milk. To add your tasks from into my Google personalize home page all I have to do is to click on “add stuff” on the top right, and type remember the milk in the search box. Tasks from remember the milk can be added to your page in a click after that.

Once this is done, I can read, review and edit my tasks from this page. This is enabled by the web 2 style of organisation of both Google and Now I can use my task manager in Google calender, Google Personalize and an assortment of other places. This makes life so much simpler and tailored to my own taste and convenience.

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