Google custom search engine: frame size problem

I was excited at the prospect of adding Google CSE to my website – but it does not fit my 3 column site

I have always wanted to customise search engines and was thrilled when Google campe up wtih it’s CSE.  I quickly created a few.  Though they offer the codes to display the search in my site, I was not able to implement it in my wordpress site due to Javascripts.  This problem was solved by the an ingenuine idea at easywordpress.  Using the suggested method, I successfully got the CSE on my site and the results were displaying.

Unfortunately, the result frame size was larger than the width of my main column.  As a result, my other columns were being pushed down creating a totally awkward output.  I tried tweaking the javascript that google provided, but found that it was working.  After some search, I’ve found a reply by a google engineer that the minimum size for the Google CSE results is 500, more than my main column.  If I want ads on the right rather than the top, it has to be larger (atleast 700 px).  This effectively rules out Google CSE for my website.  It’s a pity, but I’ll have to live with it.

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