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The best task manager online now goes offline!

I have been excited with the prospect of Google Gears that will allow many online applications to be used when we are offline.  After the announcement there was a little lull and I was waiting for the products to be rolled out – and the first of them that I have seen is my favourite Task Manager – Remember the milk.  With this the task manager can now be used when we are offline as well.

Google gears is a product that allows developers to create applications for us to use online products when we are not connected.  As far as the user is concerned, we have to install Google Gears and allow chosen websites to be available for us when we are offline.  For the user it’s totally hassle free.  The application will then work quitely when we are online to synchronise the data without any input from our side.  All the functionalities of the utility will be available for us when we are offline.  This is terrific news. (For an overview of what you can do offline in Remember the Milk, click here).

Task manager is something that we would like to be available to us when we are offline.  With this function, not only can we avail the function offline, but we can seamlessly use the data from any computer if we are not carrying our laptop around (as long as the data is regularly synchronised).  This is truely going to revolutionize many of the sites we use online.

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